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The SELACO WDB provides personalized services that foster the progress of employers and encourages the potential of individuals to build a strong workforce for the Southeast Los Angeles County Region. A flexible and entrepreneurial staff uses current technology to stimulate the development of innovative programs and education. We link individuals to the training they need to gain self sufficiency and collaborate with employers to enhance the economic vitality and the human resources of the community.

Governing Board Composition
The current number of Directors is 24, subject to change by the SELACO WDB and the Policy Board acting jointly. The majority are representatives of business in the local area and meet the qualifications of Section 107 of the WIOA. There shall be other Directors as further described below.

Appointment and Representation
The Policy Board shall appoint directors, including filling vacancies, as provided by law and the Agreement. Directors shall be nominated by the organizations specified in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Nominations shall be forwarded to the Policy Board or the appropriate City Council for action on the appointment sufficiently in advance of the Policy Board’s June meeting for terms expiring at the end of June, and as soon as possible for terms as to which a vacancy exists for any reason. Of the Directors representing business, two shall be appointed from each City. The other directors shall represent the following categories: organized labor, community-based organizations, educational agencies, vocational rehabilitation agencies, economic development agencies, and the public employment service.


SELACO WDB Board of Directors
Program Year 2016-2017

Allison Castellanos, Chair – Business Representative
Joseph Derthick, Vice Chair – Business Representative
Ben Espitia, Secretary/Treasurer – Labor Organization
Aaron Drake – Business Representative
Barbara Levine – Economic Development
Bellegran Gomez – Education Entity
Byron Cummins – Labor Organization
Candy Williams – Department of Rehabilitation
Cristina Saucedo-Garcia
Georgina Escamilla – Business Representative
Henry Ngo – Business Representative
Judith Rapue – Labor Organization
Kevin Kucera – Labor Organization
Larry Wehage – Business Representative
Mark Dameron – Business Representative
Olin King – Public Employment Service
Paulo Menezes – Business Representative
Pino Pathak – Business Representative
Richard Reed – Labor Organization
Sharon Todd – Education Entity
Tracy Polley – Business Representative